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Top 5 Countries With 0 Income Tax

  The top 5 countries with zero income tax Welcome to another blog We’re going to be exploring the top 5 countries with zero income tax.   Most countries in the world rely on income taxes to fund things like military the government medical coverage and so much more.   The united states alone has a top marginal tax rate of approximately 39.6% (thirty-nine point six percent) however it's not the highest found in the world income taxes in places such as Aruba and Sweden can range anywhere from 55.3% (fifty-five point three percent) to 56.9 (fifty eight point nine six percent).   It's because of income taxes that these countries are able to generate revenue but we're not focusing on those places today know now we're going to take a more in-depth look at the countries with no income taxes. See what makes them tick. 5. Bermuda              It's an incredible place with sand Sun surf and endless beauty Bermuda boasts a population of over 65,000 people a