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Top 10 Highest Paid Job in The World


We're looking at 10 jobs that can make you a millionaire

Top 10 Highest Paid Job in The World

Today to become a millionaire shouldn't be that hard should it unlike in the past when you had to build and establish a business to have hundreds of employees and massive sales these days you can get to seven figures by just having a better paying job.

 This idea in mind we dug around to find out what your best bets are at getting paid the big bucks

The 10 Highest Paying job

This list based on global ranking and not for any specific like India.

1. Plastic surgeon and specialized doctors

The salary of plastic surgeons is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and up the highest-paid doctors are Radiologists cardiologists and Orthopedic surgeons which averaged four hundred thousand dollars a year as you would expect neurosurgeons or brain doctors also get paid close to four hundred thousand dollars per year so why mention Plastic Surgeons before them

It's a lot more lucrative and profitable these days plastic surgery is every we're more than sixteen billion dollars was spent on adjustments last year and it's growing year-over-year especially in the age of social media it's one of those specializations that's easiest to get into from the medical field and you can bet that clients will keep on coming.


2. Corporate lawyer

Salary two hundred thousand dollars and up if you're good you can be a millionaire five years into your corporate job all you need to be is productive for the corporation you work for out of all the specializations here are the three most lucrative mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and patent lawyers basically you need to be a lawyer for a large financial or tech company.

The higher the value you can bring them or save them from having to pay the higher your salary in big cases.


3. Architect average

Salary one hundred thousand dollars good architects earn over two hundred and fifty thousand per year real estate is booming always has always will with bigger and bigger projects undertaken by developers companies and even cities a single big project can earn you that seven-figure income you're looking for but unless you're already established in the marketplace you're unlikely to get it as with most of the jobs mentioned on this list because the reward is so big the competition at the top is fierce.

4. Pilots and air traffic control

Average salary one hundred thousand dollars average time to 1 million dollars less than 10 years pilots still get paid good money in an age where they no longer have to do that much a good pilot earns on average in excess of three hundred dollars per hour while a low-paying pilot brings home over two hundred dollars the big surprise for us was air traffic control who earn even more than pilots at an average of 130 thousand dollars per year and out of everything on this list it's probably the second easiest to get into however very stressful.

5. Marketing managers

Average salary $150,000 chief marketing officer over 250,000 everywhere you look you see billboards and the advertising we live in such a crowded advertising time it's harder and harder to stand out a great marketing executive can make or break a great company.

Old Spice the company rise from the ashes through a smart marketing campaign a 75 year old company more than doubles in sales in a single year but marketing isn't all about advertising it's also about the way the product is designed the way people perceive it the way it fits in the market and how it differentiates from other competitors a typical marketing director for companies like Pepsi or coke can earn in the ballpark of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.


6.  High-End sales

Average salary two hundred thousand dollars if you can sell you'll do great anywhere a good salesperson will always find work but this is not about that it's about those who are really good at what they do and they choose to move toward high ticket items why bother selling cars in a dealership when you could be selling property in Monaco the percent might be smaller but the pie is definitely bigger in order to keep things accessible will not look at the fringe cases but focus on the top 20% here's how much you could earn if you know what you're doing Real estate sales over 250,000 per year, Pharmaceutical sales over $200,000 per year, software sales over 150,000 dollars per year.


7. Software developer

Average salary $150,000 plus stock in the company we feel like the age of startups has cooled down just a bit a few years ago everywhere you looked someone was starting a company they've all failed and gone back toward working corporate jobs now but that period put the emphasis on just how valuable someone.

8.  Petroleum engineer

Salary $200,000 other petroleum jobs pay over $100,000 per year if there's money to be made then definitely the pay is great just mention oil and you can feel the U.S. getting distracted so what's a petroleum engineer anyway they're the person in charge of developing the plan of drilling in oil and gas fields they're also trying to figure out new ways of getting all that valuable stuff out of the ground although oil and gas pays really well it does come with one of the highest mortality rates in the world.

 9. Youtuber and new media personality

Average salary peanuts the best of the best over five million dollars a year time - first million between two to ten years well would you look at that yes new media personalities are cashing in big these days the barrier to entry is almost non-existent it's actually free to start so there's a lot of people trying to get any bit of the pie that's why it doesn't even make sense to calculate the average earning of your average YouTuber because on average they don't earn anything the big players are at the very top the few people with the most eyeballs on them get to leverage their platforms for financial gain.

The most profitable Channel straight off its advertising is probably Ryan's toy reviews earning in excess of 20 million dollars per year a child unboxing toys followed by dude perfect with earnings also in the 20 million range the currently, most subscribed channel on YouTube is PewDiePie bringing in the north of 15 million but it's not all just YouTube ninja and shroud are crushing the twitch game ninja made close to 10 million dollars last year Joe Rogan has a massively popular podcast that's earning him in the millions of dollars and the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jeffrey stars have leverage social media to build massive businesses.

10. Investment banker

Average salary $200,000 managing director at least 1 million dollars per year the pay in this sector is not the raw salary but the yearly bonus you get some times larger than the salary itself money and money management is probably the most a straightforward way to getting rich investment bankers to help companies and governments with their financing need it's more of a systemic approach to financial backing z' with big numbers on the table just to give you a glimpse into the kind of salaries.

The best investment bankers earn per year Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase twenty-eight point two million dollars per year James Gorman Morgan Stanley twenty two point five million a year Lloyd Blanken Fein Goldman Sachs twenty two point three million dollars per year.


“Not everyone this much Money. For this much salary, you have to be different and smart to take this opportunity”

Thank you


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