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7 Things You are Wasting Your time


we waste our time on was not easy we are masters of time wastage we have our black belts in procrastination have earned our PhDs in watching those seconds turn into minutes and we all get a degree for wondering why we don't get anything done.


7 Things You are Wasting Your time

1. Being dismally organized

if someone came to you and said would you work for free for two and a half days your reaction would likely be along the lines of are you crazy of course you wouldn't work for free for two and a half days without there being some kind of reward down the line.

However, studies reveal the average person spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost stuff and that's the average person who you imagine is semi-organized imagine the person that really doesn't have their together 60% of people were late for work, 49% skulked into meetings late 22% miss their flights trains or other travel plans and the repercussions can be costly.

It's really not that difficult to have one spot to put your sunglasses your keys and other belongings with the time you won't even realize you're putting things in their rightful place, it'll just be so ingrained within you.


2. Reading crappy Books

Reading crappy books squibbling is an art just ask Roald dahl but not all authors are great scribblers so sometimes we begin a book with great enthusiasm only to realize five chapters in the book is pretty awful but if we stop the book isn't it kind of like quitting but we're not quitters but this time it's really okay to put the book down and move on google says there are 130 million books in the world so we're pretty sure you'll find something else that you'll enjoy much more.


3. Reading News

Reading the news you're all well-read and up to date with current affairs of course, you are but to have a constant barrage of negativity coming your way is a huge waste of your time and totally draining your energy the problem with news is it comes from so many sources and it's hard to switch off so whether or not you're seeking information about an update on the toxic workplace. show there it is or right in your face so set yourself a new window each day and stick to that time limit choose a reputable site that will deliver you the truth or as close to it as possible and use a filter so you're not overexposed to the news that you're not interested in.


 4. Scrolling through anything

Everything in 2019 people spends an average of two hours and 22 minutes on social media, 18 to 24-year-olds were on social media for three hours a day and it's projected that in our lifetime we will spend six years and eight months on social media alone that doesn't even include other sites like daily news about Bollywood and nepotism.


We waste our time on we achieve nothing by doing this time is precious and like benjamin franklin said


“If time be of all things the most precious wasting time must be the greatest prodigality”


5. Multitasking

 number five multitasking it has been scientifically proven that people cannot multitask we can fool ourselves into believing that we're able to do it but one of those tasks you're doing is not getting your full attention what we can do is shift our attention from one task to another with astonishing speed but we can never focus one hundred percent on both.


If you still believe that you can multitask then be sure to choose one of the tasks, you don't mind dropping the ball with because that's bound to happen and you'll have to start the task all over again what a waste of time.


6. Netflix

it's definitely not a waste of time to Netflix and chill it will be the most productive 11 minutes of your day however just Netflixing all day every the day is a waste of time there are websites that calculate how much time you're spending binge-watching shows hell even Netflix calculates it for you the average Indian spends

77 days a year watching tv and if you had to ask what was remembered from all of that time watching tv, the answer would be a unanimous disappointment on the ending of the game of thrones


7. Constantly checking email

we check emails roughly 15 times a day and every time we do check an the email we psych ourselves out at the task at hand and it takes us longer to get back into that work groove we check each email that comes through and then make a mental note to reply later then when we do we read the email again and reply that's reading the email twice wasting your time cc and Bcc seeing is another email time waster avoid it.

If at all possible try to create two specific times a day to check and respond to email once in the morning and once before signing off.


American Entrepreneur Noah Kangan said

“no one ever got rich checking their email more often”.



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