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7 Things You are Wasting Your time

  we waste our time on was not easy we are masters of time wastage we have our black belts in procrastination have earned our PhDs in watching those seconds turn into minutes and we all get a degree for wondering why we don't get anything done.   1 . Being dismally organized if someone came to you and said would you work for free for two and a half days your reaction would likely be along the lines of are you crazy of course you wouldn't work for free for two and a half days without there being some kind of reward down the line. However, studies reveal the average person spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost stuff and that's the average person who you imagine is semi-organized imagine the person that really doesn't have their together 60% of people were late for work, 49% skulked into meetings late 22% miss their flights trains or other travel plans and the repercussions can be costly. It's really not that difficult to have one spot to put your sunglass

Warren Buffett's 5 Strategy for Investment

  Warren Buffett's 5 Strategy for Investment   1. Choose an area you’re Interested The very first thing that you do is choose an area that you are interested in this could be artificial intelligence it could be the semiconductor industry the gaming industry blockchain whatever it is you pick their industry and you become an expert in it   Next step look at the small stocks in their industry the stocks that you can understand and as you go over all of these stocks you will find little wrinkles here and there little hidden gems little arbitrage opportunities which can make you a lot of money but the key is to pick an industry that you can understand and that you're interested in and then look at all the small stocks in their industry and you will find the deals however I will say this make sure that you follow strategies who or at least understand and strategy two.   2. Look at USA stocks Strategy two is that you want to use strategy one looking at smaller companies wit

Top 10 Highest Paid Job in The World

  We're looking at 10 jobs that can make you a millionaire Today to become a millionaire shouldn't be that hard should it unlike in the past when you had to build and establish a business to have hundreds of employees and massive sales these days you can get to seven figures by just having a better paying job.   This idea in mind we dug around to find out what your best bets are at getting paid the big bucks The 10 Highest Paying job This list based on global ranking and not for any specific like India. 1. Plastic surgeon and specialized doctors The salary of plastic surgeons is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and up the highest-paid doctors are Radiologists cardiologists and Orthopedic surgeons which averaged four hundred thousand dollars a year as you would expect neurosurgeons or brain doctors also get paid close to four hundred thousand dollars per year so why mention Plastic Surgeons before them It's a lot more lucrative and profitable these days

5 Principles of investing by Warren Buffett

- How to invest like Warren Buffett If you want to study and understand Warren Buffett in his own words, how he sees business, how he sees investments, I think this is the best resource.   Warren Buffett's five principles and rules for investing.   1. Never lose money Never lose money. Rule number two: never forget rule number one. You have to understand Warren Buffett doesn't just look at the return on investments. He also looks at the return of investments. Meaning, how safe is this investment gonna be in five years, 10 years, and 20 years? And Warren only invests in what he understands. Even though there are so many opportunities come across his table, and some of those are tempting, but Warren doesn't look at those. He only invests in what he understands. You see, most people, approach investing like they're going to Vegas, like they're gamblers, they're not investors. They go into the stock market thinking about, "Well, you know

Top 10 Best Business Books

10 Best Books to Get Rich or Create wealth   You’re not going to find The Secret or Think and Grow rich in this list. It’s not about attracting wealth into your life, this list is about creating wealth through your actions. With that said, this is the Ultimate List when it comes to the Best Books on Getting Rich:   1. The richest man in Babylon – by George S. Clason This is the 1st book we recommended, The richest man in Babylon is a fundamental book in terms of thinking about your life in relation to money & what it means to buy your freedom. The lessons you’ll learn from this one book are enough to change your future if you’re open to listen or read it.   2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki Growing up poor, Whenever people ask us how to build sustainable wealth, Rich dad poor dad always comes up as the go-to recommendation because it’s so easy to digest, unlike most focused financial books. Your life changes after you read this book.